As the year 2018 is about to end the moves towards 2019 has been getting excited and every new year brings with itself some new thing and some new stuff in the surroundings to go for. This time as well, we would be featuring numerous industries providing for some great new stuff in line. However, in order to be specific when w take a look at the automobile industry we can see how amazing changes are waiting for us to move in the year 2019. There so much new in terms of the most luxurious and top rated vehicles and putting an eye over the luxury crossovers we can see how much of the new stuff is waiting for us.

There were a lot of improvement featured in the year 2018 when we take a glance we can really see; however, as for 2019 there would be more advancement waiting for us to move ahead with. To take a look at the different kinds of crossovers, we have an insight lined up here to provide a clear understanding of what is going to be coming up soon.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

So, when we take a look at the different kinds of vehicles the role played by the best looking choice of all time, the Alfa Romeao always takes a lead in providing for the perfect crossovers. This time the makers have a lot to offer in terms of design, functionality and interior. This one is going to be something recommended for the ones who take a look in having hands on a sports car as this one does a great justice, it is going to be launched somewhere in summer 2019.

The engine offered in this beauty is a V8 engine with 503 horsepower and an astonishing drift of sound. The interior or exterior has been enhanced with a great passion and more of the sport touch has been added to the making which makes it unique in its own way. [i]This vehicle is about to be a pretty much popular and top rated crossover for the upcoming season.

Jaguar I-Pace

We have seen many usual crossovers when it comes to taking a look at the different brands trending up, however, when you take a look at this beauty all you can see is this one being a completely electrically functioning vehicle which turns out to be a great choice of all times to go for. This vehicle has been equipped with two lithium batteries operated motors each being 90kWh. These are installed on each of the axle of this vehicle.

This mini crossover is one of its kinds and turns out to be a great beauty to go for at all times, this may be called as the mini crossover from the Britishers as this one is a unique piece to be launched. However, the speed of this vehicle is unmatchable and may be the capacity offered by the batteries may equate to the 400 horsepower of the usual engines of vehicles which is also commendable.

Mazda CX-5

When we think of the most luxurious vehicles present round the world the name of Mazda clicks at the first instance sine this Japanese brand is capable of selling about 11,000 vehicles per year and this is something fantastic when we take a look at any of the vehicle manufacturer.

This one is also going to be something great and as always fun filled choice of all times to go for. This vehicle has been featured with a 4 cylinder engines of 2.5L, however, the power it gives is around 187 horsepower. This car is a very compact choice in terms of crossovers and has an automatic gearbox featuring 6-speed. The features of this one is not in any way less than the crossovers in the league and it provides for being something superb when a person tends to look for a sporty choice of all time. This new innovation also comes up with the fuel saving innovation and it is also an incredible feature in today time of saving.

Lincoln Nautilus

Lincoln Nautilus is going to be one of its kinds of compact and very affordable package offering crossover for the year 2019. This one o is a great reconditioning of what we have been getting in the past years and the new design and enhanced features of this crossover are going to say it all.

The body of the entire crossover has been changed for this new model and it features a 4 cylinder engine being the EcoBoost technology 2.0L, the provision of 245 horsepower will be featured on this beauty and the overall outlook will be enhanced in terms of exterior as well as the interior. [ii]Being equipped with the EcoBoost engine this vehicle will be going to save a lot in terms of fuel and will also be able to keep the environment much clean with its technological innovation.

Infiniti QX50

This launch in the world of vehicles is going to be a great launch of the year and is going to get people with a handsome share of new features in a completely revamped version. This launch on the part of makers is going to give a very tough competition to the makers of the other crossovers since it s very easy on pocket vehicle and many of the other manufacturers may find their profits being decreased due to this launch. However, when it comes to taking an overall consideration of its success we may find it being successful for two reasons one being its affordability and the other being its completely new design.

This beauty will be equipped with a 2.0L engines being four turbo and will give a great spacious comfort to the buyers since previously it has been criticized much for the lack of space issues it had. [iii]This launch is going to be something big for the makers since it has been all finished with a great outcome and capabilities which tend to provide an endless performance capability and outclass appearance.