Mattresses are important – we spend about 8 hours a day on them to get a good night sleep. They could make a huge difference in your sleeping behavior. This is why it is necessary to spend some time into finding the right mattress for your sleep. If you have paid some attention to mattresses, you might already have some good mattresses on your radar. However, there are several brands that have just launched their new series of mattresses or are going to, in 2019.

Here we take a look at some of the best 2019 top rated mattresses you should look out for.

1. Nectar

A reputed company for making memory foam mattresses, Nectar has some of the most comfortable mattresses. Not only do they provide ultimate comfort but that too, at a reasonable price. Just testing the mattress would give you a great first feeling. About the price, they offer great value against your money even if you compare it with its competitors. The high density foam in Nectar mattress allows more than ever pressure and provides ultimate comfort.

The breathable memory foam in this mattress lets you sleep peacefully all night long, thanks to the gel memory foam and the cover with Tencel. Nectar is already known for their medium fit mattresses that are known for facilitating different sleeping styles. This mattress is no different. They also offer 1 year warranty – the highest you can find online. If you are on a tight budget but still want to enjoy some luxurious features, Nectar is the mattress to choose. [i]

2. Nolah

Widely known as ‘the cooling mattress’, it is produced by Nolah – a brand that is really worth listening to. Not only it looks luxurious but it offers a great experience as well. The interesting thing about this mattress is that it comes in both forms – latex and memory foam. One of its key features includes the impeccable cooling system. This mattress is made of high quality materials which allows the air to pass through its layers quite easily. Secondly, it mixes latex with responsive foam – that grants you the right support no matter how you sleep on it.

Though the company does not have years of experience in the industry, their foams are sure to provide you the luxury and the softness. Overall, your body will experience something great in terms of comfort and luxury. Even for the people with a few extra pounds, it adapts perfectly to grant the same level of luxury. This is a really cost-effective mattress with a starting price of $795 but may cost more for different features. [ii]

3. Saatva Mattress

Saatva is known for blending 3 layers along with a comfortable layer for a peaceful and pressure-relieving night sleep. It sure as looks like they have put in a lot of hard work to provide ultimate comfort and sustainability. One of the best things about this mattress is that it can be adjusted to all bed foundations. It provides great comfort to people with joint pains by putting minimalistic pressure on the joints. Looking for something like a perfect blend for bounce and contouring? Saatva has the solution for you.

These mattresses are available in two sizes: Twin and Kali king, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Besides that, you can also choose your preferred thickness and comfort levels (firm, luxury and plush). Last but not the least, there is edge support system that prevents everyone from falling off the border. Get this mattress if you want to enjoy ultimate luxury lasting for years to come. It is a budget-friendly mattress costing around $1099 but the company may charge more for models with additional features. [iii]

 4. Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex

Don’t let its name startle you. What you may not know is that Nest Bedding is the kind of brand that is very environment conscious. They have industry experts to design high-quality products while keeping the price in control. This 13-inch mattress is available in 3 different firmness levels. This is just to make sure that you can choose your preferred mattress to get peaceful sleep you deserve. When you choose Nest Bedding, you also have the option to choose a naturally organic mattress. Nest Bedding focuses on producing environment friendly fabric to resistant general allergies.

Interestingly, the top of the foam is Eco Flex foam, which is used to cushion your body with latex underneath it. Then there is natural Dunlop beneath it – it acts as the second layer of this mattress. The comfort level will depend upon your choice of firmness option that you select. However, the presence of Dunlop in it will make sure that you enjoy a buoyant feel. The astonishingly amazing thing about this mattress is that it offers life-time warranty. Also, there is a trial period of 100 days during which you can exchange or even return this mattress – an unlikely case though. Its price range starts from $1,300 and may vary depending upon the model you choose. [iv]

5. Loom & Leaf Mattress

This is a rather famous mattress which has high-density foam – it conforms superbly as per your body. As a result, you get to enjoy a great sleeping experience. It is a marvelous combination of a top cover and there are four different layers all working together to provide ultimate comfort. Additional benefit is that it is composed of cooling gel which stops heat retention.

Moreover, even if you have back pain or any other pain, loom & leaf mattress has the capability to adjust around your body and provide ultimate comfort. For those people who have joint pains and spinal problems, this mattress is a top choice as it is luxurious enough. It helps ease the pain on the pressure points and it comes in two different comfort levels. It costs around $800 and goes up to $1700 depending upon the type of mattress you choose.