What better thing to do in summer than to get some sun and water on the beach? Also, nothing beats going to the beach with a cruise. That’s because not only you can enjoy the luxury and travel in style to the beach of your dreams but you can also view several places from your room in the ship. Furthermore, the cost of a cruise is significantly cheaper than the price of airfare with a hotel room in the Caribbean. Last but not the least, there is no difficulty in finding and booking a cruise, while planning your own trip could be a hassle.

If you are looking for the best 2019 cruise deals, you have landed to the right place. Here, we have rounded up the best cruise deals for 2019.

4-Night Mexico Cruise from Long Beach (Carnival)

It is no less than a rule of thumb that if you have found a cruise for less than $100 per night, you can rest assured that you got a bargain. The trip under consideration would cost you just $72 per night, but if you depart late in the August. Sailing from the Long Beach, you would get to enjoy a 4-night journey across the carnival imagination. There are a few other cruises that won’t cost you a fortune but still are affordable and promise to give you the best experience. You can find the details using the link below.[i]

7 Days, Legendary Rhine on Crystal Bach

While this cruise might not be the cheapest, it does deliver a mesmerizing experience. You get to follow the romantic Rhine through quaint villages in three countries. Explore the cathedrals, fortresses and the world-famous Drosselgasse. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy exotic views of the horizon? You can watch the world unfold before your very eyes while enjoying the sublime comfort and quiet privacy from your exquisite suite.

You can be prepared to be pampered as you are given your personal butler, who would attend to all your needs. Not to mention the complimentary amenities including free wine and a collection of spirits. You can find the complete details of this cruise using the link below.[ii]

14 Night Florida To Spain Cruise

Ever heard of the Rhapsody of the Seas? It is a gigantic ship that delves deeper and takes you to shores you have never been. Anyway, this plan features a number of staterooms because nothing relaxes a person more than the comfort of private stateroom. They offer royal suites with exotic bedrooms, balconies and even a minibar.

Onboard activities include so much that you won’t know how to manage your time on the cruise. There are activities like casino action, shows and nightlife including dance clubs and a lot more. You can also take your celebrations onboard to make them extra special and even more memorable. They facilitate activities like birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Shore excursions include private journeys in the supervision of seasoned travelers, to help you discover your way. Besides that, there is snorkel excursions to dive into the water and explore the underwater beauty. The rest of the details can be found at the bottom of this page. [iii]

28 Night New York To Barcelona Museums – Cruise on Marina

Redefining your expectations and imaginations, this cruise is intimate and luxurious to maximum extent. The best thing is that the country club casual ambience with the level of personalized service are exactly the same as Regetta and Insignia. What’s special about Marina is that if offers you a lot more to do and enjoy exciting amenities. It would be fair to say that Marina is designed for epicureans and travel connoisseurs as there are several dining venues. This includes open seating gourmets with no extra charge.

The presence of talented artists is spectacular as they give you step by step instructions in the arts center. You can find more details about this cruise here.

4-Night Caribbean Cruise from Miami (Carnival)

As you might already know that sailing in the late summer is less expensive than it is in the peak summer. One benefit of sailing from Miami is that you get plenty of deals as a lot of ships are sailing from there. This is an economy package that costs you only around $295 for 4 nights. The first stop is in the Key West and then Cozumel before it takes aboard the Carnival Victory. This is one of the most economical packages you would to get one last hurray before the fall.

Complete Mississippi River Cruise

Wouldn’t you love to just relax and get mesmerized as you pass by the landscapes along the Mississippi river all the way to New Orleans? I know I would. This is an amazing chance to visit 10 states in 22 days and experience the unreal beauty all the way. The highlight of the cruise is to explore the most vibrant cities of the mid-south side, enjoy southern plantation and a lot more. The cruise begins in lower Mississippi and you also cruise past the Gateway Arch Riverfront in St. Louis, journey to Hannibal. You can find the full details of this cruise here.

Cumberland River Cruise

Don’t miss this amazing chance to cruise from Nashville to St. Louis and get captivated on a route of adventure and mesmerizing history. The amazing scenery of America’s heartland is also a part of the deal besides the guided excursions to the remarkable Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Among many highlights of this cruise is a relaxing day cruising Lake Barkley. Sit back, relax and enjoy the natural beauty from your private balcony. Find the booking details, the itinerary and rest of the details about this cruise here.

Given the kinds of cruises we have mentioned, there’s a diverse range of routes for you to enjoy. It is highly unlikely of you getting bored on cruise, partly because of the fact that the ships are like cities on the face of water, facilitating the people with everything.  https://www.cruzely.com/12-cheap-summer-cruises/

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