The year 2019 brings with itself a new chunk of vehicles to be floated in the automobile industry and this calls for being an outclass consideration for the ones who need to have hands on them. This upcoming year will have a range of luxury pickup trucks to be launched and these are going to be pretty much incredible. This new cycle of the New Year will be featuring Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Ford and many other big names in the list of the latest luxury vehicles and with new improvements there are going to be pretty much on the high end.

Moreover, the deal doesn’t stop with the American vehicles makers only; in fact Japanese are going to take an equal part with its new collection of pickup trucks to be floated in the year 2019.

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet has always been a big name in the automobile industry presenting most luxurious vehicles and this one is also one of a great choice to go for, this vehicle has been featured with an endless finish and numerous upgraded features for the upcoming Year. The position of the driving seat is a bit higher from the previous versions and so as the spacious room in the vehicles serves to cater people more comfortably.

This vehicle tends to be a master of catering a perfect series of engines with a choice that lies between V6, V8, and turbocharged four cylinder engines, the V8 engine is also available in two different power being 355 horsepower and 420 horsepower. [i]The best thing about this pickup truck is the cargo box made out of carbon fiber and there are many distinguished innovative features in this vehicle as well that make this vehicle stand out amongst the other ones.

Ford F-150

When we talk about vehicles the name of Ford always takes a lead in the automobile industry and is definitely an incredible kind of choice for anyone who is looking for something tough in looks, luxurious and comfortable for travelling and an adventure ride for the drivers. This pickup is very much spacious and may handle a lot of stuff with no hustle bustle having a towing capacity of 13200 pounds. [ii]There are four options of engines in this vehicle being V6 with the horsepower of 290, 325 and 250; moreover a V8 engine of horsepower 395 is also featured.

The configuration and trim of this vehicle have been polished in the upcoming models and these capabilities tend to make this vehicle up to the mark. It has been all finished with a full size and will be seen on roads from the summer of the year 2019.

Nissan Titan

When we talk about looking for the top rated pickup from the Japanese makers the name of Nissan clicks the minds and this is a great choice as well. This upcoming version is going to hold a significant place from the rest of the options. This pickup truck will be launched with a redesigned layout and the bold look from the end of this vehicle is going to be a style statement. This one will be having the engine of 390 horsepower V8 which is going to be a done deal. Nissan Titan also comes up with the XD version which has a V8 engine as well and it allows to hold about 12,640 pounds, whereas the normal ones hold 9,740 pounds.[iii]

Nissan Titan has a balanced demand along people and as per the reviews the main reason to have hands on this pickup is its comfort and room, it takes a lead in both of these factors in comparison to the other options available in pick-up trucks.

Ram 1500

Ten years back when Ram entered the market of pickup trucks it really surprised people with the commendable features and till date it is doing so. This time as well we can see the pickup truck being the most luxurious and incredible option to go for. This pickup truck has been featured with endless comfort and a very advanced side of high-tech features.

The overall design of the new innovation has been revamped and so as the engine, however the capability of weight has been reduced by 200 pounds. It features a V6 engine with 3.6 liters and may tow about 12,750 pounds of weight. The vehicle has been upgraded in terms of its features too like you can have a look at the new style of seats and the display of infotainment which is a plus point.

Toyota Tundra

Toyota has come up with a completely new layout and design in its new Tundra and has been featured with a very different and unique body style in a pickup truck. The engines offered in the making of Toyota Tundra feature V8 with the 310 and 381 horsepower. The style of Tundra also features two on the body side and also the bed lengths in three different layouts may be seen. It is capable of carrying about 10,200 pounds of weight and even is capable on showing it’s outclass performance off the road as well.

This vehicle has been updated with many of the technological ways and new and improved methods and systems have been introduced in it with the idea of making it a better choice.

Jeep Wrangler Pickup

Jeep Wrangler pickup has been one of the most awaited choice of all time which tends to provide a perfect and the most luxurious choice to go for. It has been one of the top rated choices which have been working as a perfect pick-up from the past 25 years. (ii)This vehicle has been an updated to cater for the year 2019 with significant improvements. The folding top of soft canvas is going to be the very first consideration to go for and then comes the engine which has been also improved in a great way to increase the carrying weight of this pickup. However, there is a rumor that the name of this pickup might get changed by the manufacturers after one of their very famous vehicle, now what it comes out is a mystery till 2019 comes.