Automobile industry is one such kind of an industry where the interest of people, media and almost everyone’s lies on. This industry has been a popular one and the luxury vehicles have been an apple of this industry’s eye.

When we take a look at the desktop wallpapers of the young men, or when we look at the magazine covers we mostly fine them enriched with the luxurious vehicles at all times and this is a perfect indication to identify the demand people have and their love for the different vehicles in place. However, the automobile industry and all the brands working in this industry have always been engrossed in making new and most luxurious vehicles every now and then. This urges that the most top rated names and their new and improved collections to float in the year 2019.

Lamborghini Urus

When it comes to considering the top rated and the most luxurious vehicles of all time we may always find Lamborghini as the most top notch one and the one that take a lead in the list. This time as well we can see that the year 2019 will bring with itself the new and improved version being Lamborghini Urus.

This is a luxury vehicle with four seats capacities and features V8 turbocharged engine featuring 641 horsepower abilities. The design of the upcoming model has also been changed and the upscale has now been no more with just two admirers in fact you may find it more thrilling in terms of the layout. There are significant changes in the technical integration as well and when it comes to the innovations the way the Lamborghini makers incorporate them is something commendably seamless. [i]This one has also been enhanced in terms of style and is a refined version also featuring a bull bag eta its back which makes it stand different among the top rated vehicles.

Bentley Continental GT

The changeover of the Bentley Continental GT was speculated from a very long time and now is the time for the new model to get unveiled. This vehicle has been set on the production lines and will soon be occurring to vision in the early months of the year 2019. However, when we talk about the change you won’t find it changed too much in the sense of the appearance however there is a lot of interior change and change in the mechanism of this car.

It has been manufactured with an all aluminum material when we head to have a look at its body, and beyond that one may find too much in the interior. A twin turbo engine of 6.0L produces the 626 horsepower and gives an endless boost to its performance capabilities which make this car up to the mark and high on demand. [ii]This vehicle is going to come packed with all those features you might linger on and without a doubt there would be much more exciting and surprising to you.

Lincoln Nautilus

This is going to be a new addition to the family of the top rated luxury vehicles and is going to go far beyond imagination of the fans. This car is going to provide you with an everlasting finish of the style and enhanced layout. You will experience this vehicle equipped with all kinds of innovations including the safety features to make driving a piece of cake for you.

A V6 eco-boost engine of 2.0L would be provided packed in this vehicle and the 835 horsepower vehicle is going to be an incredibly outclass choice to go for. This car is one in a million choices for all the fans out there and this is going to be a great hit from the makers for sure.

Audi A8

Audi is the name in the automobile industry that needs no introduction and the makes tends to surprise people every other year with an improved models being floated in the market. This one is also going to be a great choice which provides an endless new design and a new concept from the makers. This top rated vehicle is entirely redesigned by the makers and is something pretty much commendable in all aspects to go for a New Year cycle.

This vehicle has already been debuted in the other countries by the U.S version, is still not out and will be taking place in the markets in the year 2019. This vehicle will be showing up in two batches. The first one being a limited edition featuring V6 turbocharged 3.0L engines with the capacity of 340 horsepower whereas the next batch will float with the V8 twin turbo 4.0L engine featuring 429 horsepower. [iii]The exterior is going to be a great design but similarly the interior will also be a remarkable one of this new model.

Mercedes Benz G Class

The makers of Mercedes Benz have been floating a new and improved version of this vehicle every now and then and till date we have seen numerous improvements in every new model. This time as well we would be seeing this most luxurious vehicle intact with some great innovations to be featured in the making and performance of this vehicle has also been improved.

This one will be not much changed as compared to its predecessor in terms of the design other than just being a little bit curvy on the edges however there will be much on speed this time. Even the engine of this mode is same as that of the previous model which is V8 twin turbo 4.0L but their speed 9 auto aspect is something which will help controlling the fuel consumption in a fairly good way. This model is one of its kinds and is pretty much lighter in weight as well.  The price of this mode is also going to be more or less the same as the previous model and it will be launched to have been driven on roads by the end of the upcoming year, so waiting might be worth it for sure/